Security Cameras

Reliable security cameras on a budget by DIM Security

Monitor your home or business through internet or by cell phone from anywhere in the world.

Buy a bundle and install it yourself

4 HD Cameras Bundle
650 CAD$
4 High Definition Professional Quality Cameras
Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
3 Years Warranty
Free Shipping for Greater Montreal Area
*taxes extra
8 HD Cameras Bundle
1050 CAD$
8 High Definition Professional Quality Cameras
Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
3 Years Warranty
Free Shipping for Greater Montreal Area
*taxes extra

Or you may follow these steps if you want us to install it

1. Step 1: Needs evaluation

At Dim Security we believe that protecting your home and business is priceless. That’ s why we are going to offer you tailor-made solutions on a budget for every individual case. Our technical team will meet with you and evaluate your needs. We will provide you with advice and suggestions.

2. Step 2: Free quote

We will offer you the best quote, based on your needs, absolutely free of charge. We install all models of reliable security cameras  by world’s most recognized brands – SONY, Samsung, AXIS, PELCO, SPECO, BOSCH, etc. We will provide you with the option to select from HD security cameras, SD security cameras, IP security cameras, home, indoor, outdoor, vandal proof, wireless, covert and hidden security camera.

N.B.! The quote will have everything included: supply of cameras, digital video recorders (DVR), supply of cables and wiring, installation workmanship and basic end user training. No hidden costs!

3. Step 3: Get a discount

Profit from our 10% discount on installation fee with a code “10off”. Offer ends July 15th!

4. Step 4: Feel safe!

Enjoy an unparalleled level of security and comfort!

Get a free price quote now by filling this contact form or give us a call – (514) 777-6688 and toll free (888) 777-6188.

We cover Greater Montreal area, Québec, Capitale Nationale, Laval, Montérégie, Laurentides, Lanaudière

Additional info, tips and examples of usage

Our central station is equipped with the latest technology in order to monitor simultaneously the alarm systems and security cameras, which allow us remotely, from any distance, to track and register possible intrusions. Our control center meets the highest requirements and is certified by ULC standards.

We offer new way of digital surveillance and prevention

Record a warning message that can be triggered by motion event or an alarm input. Digital audio deterrent keeps your place safe by preventing a crime before it happens. You can program it depending on your schedule.
Example: You need to cover your parking lot from 8 pm to 6 am. The message will sound if anyone tries to enter your lot in that period. You can set it up for specific part of your lot or it can cover it all.

Real time warning through your cell phone

You can directly communicate with the security cameras location through your smartphone.

Example: If someone tries to enter the protected area, the system sends a notification on your phone and you can access the camera location and issue a direct warning to the potential trespasser or robber with your smartphone wherever you are.

We offer the products of Speco Technologies. Check out the video for more info: