Home Automation

Personalize your home

You can combine your home alarm and video-monitoring, home-theater systems, the lights, the blinds or curtains, the temperature, etc. in one single remote control.

Create a unique and intelligent residence, completely adapted to your personal needs:

+ Receive an e-mail when your child or family member unlocks the door so you know they’ve arrived safely.

+ Shut off all the lights and lock the door as you leave home.

+ Receive an e-mail notification if no motion is detected in an elderly family member’s home, have lights turn on automatically on motion and off at bed time.

+ Turn on interior lights when an exterior motion detector is triggered so the bad guys think someone is home.

+ Control lights and heating at a cottage or rental property.

+ Remotely allow access to your home or business for service people, from anywhere in the world.

+ Monitor and track energy usage of appliances.

+ Turn down the heat or AC when you leave the house and turn it back up when you leave the office so you arrive to a comfortable home.