It’s Holiday Season! Time to boost your security


With public spaces getting more and more crowded, concerns are often raised on security issues. Bars and restaurants as places for public gathering are particularly hard-hit. According to General Social Survey almost 40% of crimes in commercial spaces in past years occurred in restaurants and bars. Crime is a complex issue, with the potential to impact not only victims, but also their families, friends, communities and society more broadly. Not to mention that it can undermine the whole foundation of your business and quickly put it down.

What can you do as a business owner?

To date, the best way to deal with crime in your business premises is to prevent it from happening. As a bar or restaurant owner, you can do this by developing a crime prevention plan. Your plan should identify potential risks in your business and describe the control measures you will use to deal with those risks.  Your measures will likely be a combination of careful workplace design, security devices to deter potential criminals, as well as training and safe work procedures for employees.

Workplace design and security devices

Workplace design considers factors such as workplace layout, use of signs, locks or physical barriers, lighting, and electronic surveillance. Bear in mind that most criminals are mere opportunists and if you’ve build up your security it is highly unlikely that someone will try an unlawful conduct. According to WorkSafe Organisation visible security cameras deter individuals and record all activities in the premises. To additionally boost your security you can equip your employees with communication devices to summon help in an emergency. Be it panic buttons or personal alarms carried by employees at high risk. You can also use signage advertising controls such as “Security cameras in use” that deter would-be criminals.

Effective solutions

If you’ve build your security well you shouldn’t have problems. However in an unlikely event of crime it is important to provide law enforcement administration with hard evidence. With HD surveillance, driving the security industry to set higher standards, and technology advances fueling a new generation of products, you have unlimited possibilities to secure your business. Performance and image quality have become the main focus in product development for security cameras. Besides strong demand for better image quality, the commercial surveillance market also requests total solutions rather than individual devices. The diverse settings in which different businesses operate must also be taken into account, leaving much opportunity for customization and integration services.

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